Benefits of using an HR / Benefits / PEO broker

BC Group works for you!

Working alongside you as your advocate, BC Group guides your assessment of potential partners for you to identify the right one.

BC Group is expert in the PEO field having worked with the national market leader and independently for many years. Their insight and experience helps you and your business to zero in on the top choices to benefit you and your business. 

You get expert, non-biased advice to help select the right company at no cost to you.  The successful PEO underwrites the cost of BC Group. The same approach applies across our service offering no matter the product(s) under consideration. 

BC Group remains actively involved in all accounts and advocates for you when things go wrong. Having your own independent advocate expert in PEO ensures you receive the product, service and result you are paying for.

Top Reasons to work with a PEO

Improve benefits selection

Control Costs

Improve cash flow

Align staff for best productivity and result

Mitigate Risk 

Liability shift

Reduce administrative burden

Increased productivity

Ensure compliance with government regulations

Decreased operational costs

Level the playing field with large employers by offering the same feature rich benefits platform they do.